About Child Outreach

About Child Outreach
Child Outreach is a FREE service offered to ALL children 3 to 5 years old by your local school district in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Education. Child Outreach provides information about your child’s development and resources that are available within your community. It can also help identify children who may need further assessment, intervention and/ or services at an early age to promote positive outcomes in kindergarten and beyond.
Cranston Child Outreach provides screenings at preschool settings within the district. If your child attends a preschool, you may speak with the program director to see when Child Outreach will be at that location. Your child will be screened during school hours.
If you wish to schedule a "walk-in" appointment at the Early Childhood Center please contact Gail Falso. 401-270-8337
Child Outreach Staff
Gail Falso, Head Screener
Ida Marchetti, Screener
Eleanor Wedge, Screener
Linda Limoges, Screener