Our Beliefs

The Cranston Early Learning Program believes that all students can achieve. We are working smarter to help all children meet the standards in all areas. Our goal is to provide a journey of exciting educational opportunities for our students. With our highly qualified, professional staff, we strive to insure that all children have the opportunity to reach high standards of success. We have created a learning environment that will encourage active learning, positive social interactions, and self-motivation with the utmost emphasis on a happy, safe, and nurturing atmosphere.


     We recognize that students are unique individuals. Children come to school with varied experiences, skills, strengths, and needs. We assess students’ learning needs and teach our district’s curriculum based upon those needs. 


    We strive to deliberately provide students with the learning time and teaching time they need to achieve. We believe that all students can and will learn. Children vary in the rate of time it takes to learn a concept or skill. Strategies which are successful for one student may not work for another child. This is why differentiation of instruction is so important in reaching all students.

     Promoting and sustaining continuing development of the professional staff to improve the teaching and learning process is a key factor of a total professional learning community. The Early Childhood staff is dedicated and committed to a quality education for our students.  Teachers use Teaching Strategies Gold to plan, assess and develop individual programming for all children based on individual level, interest and learning style. 

     Family Engagement is an important part of our programs success. We want parents and community members to visit our schools and feel welcome. As parents and guardians, you are the first and most important educator in your child’s life. Your children bring life to our schools each day, ready to participate with excitement and eagerness. It is both a privilege and an honor to have this opportunity to be a partner in the education of your children.